For care providers

Offer the gold standard of care to your service users. By using StoriiCare you can improve your offering and show families that you really care, about care.

Reduce ink and paper costs by up to 80% by digitising your care plans and forms. For most providers, StoriiCare pays for itself.

Reduce staff time spent filling in paperwork by using our digital forms and care notes. Reduce duplication and enable your staff to spend more time with your service users.

Only one internet-enabled device is required to run StoriiCare. Keep service users happy and satisfy inspectors.

For service users

StoriiCare encourages conversation and engagement, and can offer reassurance and comfort. Staff can follow step-by-step guides for a range of activities that they otherwise may not have been confident carrying out, ultimately improving service users' quality of life and engagement.

StoriiCare enables service users to be in closer contact with loved ones and to reminisce, providing an altogether happier environment.

For families

Through StoriiCare, families with access can become directly involved in a loved one’s care by adding life story content to their relative's profile, no matter where they are in the world.

Families are notified instantly through emails and smartphone notifications if their relative takes part in an activity.

For care staff

Through StoriiCare, care staff can get to know and understand who they care for better and quicker than ever before. Families are also notified which member of staff runs each activity session, giving staff full recognition for their work.

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We make recording care easier, so your time can be better spent with those in need

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