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1. Receive an email from your care provider inviting you to create a free Storii account to link with your loved one

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2. Upload media to both you
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and receive notifications

Unlimited media storage

Peace of mind

With all the pressures of modern life, it's often hard to find the time to phone, email or visit your loved ones in care. Finding out how they've been and what events they've taken part in is crucial in maintaining that vital connection.

Video calls and sending pictures back and forward via email can help, but this can be time consuming and difficult to schedule. With ever-increasing social connectivity through technology in other areas, we felt there had to be a better solution.

Peace of mind

An easier way

Facebook for care

With StoriiCare, you can stay updated in real-time when content is added or activities take place that involve your loved one. You can add your own media that care staff can show to your loved one next time they log in. This could be anything from pictures of the grandchildren, to creating a playlist of your mother's favourite songs.

Linking your account to someone in care is simple. You will receive an email from your care provider with a link allowing you to create a free Storii account. Once registered, you will automatically be connected. Using our iOS and Android apps will allow you to receive direct notifications to your tablet or smartphone.

Better connected

Often, we are unaware of which care staff are spending time and interacting with our loved ones. StoriiCare records which staff members have added content, carried out a reminiscence session or taken part in an activity with your loved one.

Care homes and care staff now operate under intense scrutiny. By making communication easier, StoriiCare can help foster better relations between care staff and families.

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