How it works for service users

Reducing social isolation

For a service user in a residential setting or a day care center, social isolation can become a real issue. Having extra care requirements doesn't mean you can't enjoy your life as you did before.

The reality of living apart from your home and family means that communication may become more difficult. However, technology can be used to make this easier.

Reduce social isolation

Staying connected

Digital life stories

Have you ever wanted to share with your grandchildren those precious moments hidden away in a dusty photograph album? We all have stories which deserve to be heard before they inevitably begin to fade.

And what if your children and grandchildren have been on a family holiday? These new memories can be easily uploaded to your profile with minimal effort. Being able to share those special memories, both old and new, is the best way to feel truly connected with your loved ones, even when separated by many miles.

Built with both care staff and service users in mind

Although StoriiCare is mainly operated by care staff, our easy-to-use interface means that anyone can have a go. Even if you've never used a tablet before!

Care staff can easily manage and add information to your account on your behalf, but it's also possible as a service user to log in on your own. This is ideal if you'd rather add your own preferences in the Personal/Choices section. In addition, you can search for your favourite music or video content in the Playlists section and create your own playlists.

Profie management

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