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4. Add media, playlists and life stories;
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Care manage system

Person-centred approach

StoriiCare not only helps streamline your current care processes, but also promotes a more person-centred approach. This means no more extensive paperwork or detailing group activities and care tasks by hand. No more sorting through hundreds of emails to find photographs or messages sent by family members. No more worrying that families or inspectorate bodies have no proof of the excellent care you and your team provide day in, day out.

StoriiCare provides all staff with instant access to fully personalised information: the details about a service user's life that can make the difference between adequate and truly person-centred care.

Paperless solution

A better solution

Easy-to-use playform

Laptops, tablets and smartphones are now commonplace in our day-to-day lives. Even those who before considered themselves 'technophobes' have become aware of their benefits. Technology helps us stay informed and connected, and makes our lives easier. So why should things be any different for those in care? The care sector has lagged behind in adopting technology, but things are beginning to change.

At StoriiCare, our aim is to modernise care processes, make care data more accessible and improve the quality of life of those in care. We want to ensure that those who struggle with technology are catered for, not forgotten.

Better connected

After logging into their own staff account, information is entered into the platform in various ways. This could be anything from: filling in details about a service user; logging that a care task; a risk assessment form; or recording activities.

All care actions carried out by staff members are logged securely and included in printable reports. At the provider's discretion, information can be shared with families. In addition, reports can be generated for provision to regulatory bodies.

Evidencing care

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